10 years of ASAG

Ten Years of ASAG - 2001-2011

The Italian Excellence of Post-graduate Education in Psychology

35 Masters Post graduate

2 International Masters

50 International Seminars

7 Summer school

4 High Education Program

3 International Exchange Projects with:

  • 07 US University
  • 10 Senjor Researchers
  • 08 Junior Researchers
  • 05 Invited Professor

Mounting of the exibition Padre Agostino Gemelli: Places, People, and Psychological Instruments

2 Books published

1 European Center for Therapeutic Assessment (CEAT)

National and International Exchange Programs

Master 2011

Couples Therapy. VI Ed. Roma

Qualitative Methods in Social Applied Research and Marketing. III Ed.

Neuropsychology: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Rehabilitation. I Ed.

Psychogeriatry: Clinical and Community Perspective. II Ed. Brescia

Juridical Psychology: Clinical Intervention. I Ed., Siena

Clinical Intervention in Health Psychology. II Ed. Napoli

International Seminars 2011-2012

Constance T. Fischer (Pittsburgh, USA)

Marie Rose Moro (Paris, France)

Douglas Snyder (College Station, USA)

Stephen Finn (Texas, USA)

Jesús Palacios (Sevilla, Spain)

Elisabeth Fivaz-Depeursinge (Lausanne, Switzerland)

William Pinsof (Chicago, USA)

Guy Bodenmann (Zurich, Switzerland)

Alberto Eiguer (Paris, France)

Scott Browning (Philadelphia, USA)

Robert Emery (Charlottesville, USA)

Carles Testor (Barcelona, Spain)

Marco Catani (London, GB)


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